The Law of Attraction And Parenting

You may put the Laws of Attraction to use in various facets of your life including to your duties as a parent. Everyone knows how utterly stressful parenting can be. Parenting involves a lot of responsibilities and not until you become a parent are you likely to understand exactly how many responsibilities it actually involves. For starters of course there is the responsibility of protecting your child from all possible harm. Add to that the tremendous responsibility of ensuring that your child grows up to become a respectable, responsible young adult and you’ll know what we are talking about.  
But parenting is not supposed to be about burdensome duties alone it also involves a lot of other far more gratifying emotions. The use of the Law of Attractions will help you realize these other aspects of parenthood as well. 
Given the widespread violence in today’s world it is only natural for us to be concerned about the safety of our kids. But let’s face it; merely being worried will not help us save our kids from any possible harm instead it will just deteriorate our health and our mental wellness. Also remember that physical safeguarding is not all that your child needs to stay safe in today’s world and that extra protection of this kind is known to do more harm than good. This is because according to the Laws of Attractions the more you think about a certain unfortunate event the more it will be likely to actually occur in your or your child’s life. So if you are apprehending an accident and trying to keep your child safe from any such incident you might actually be attracting such an incident to yourself!  

But relax! the Laws of Attraction will help you steer clear of such misfortune. To help your child stay safe and attain a happy life learn to think about things you want for them, rather than things you DON’T want for them. So instead of hoping that your child is not caught in a landslide or a car crash try and concentrate on thinking about how you want your child to do well in his/her class work or how you want them to win the science project. This sounds far easier than it generally turns out to be, so in case you don’t succeed right at the beginning concentrate further and try harder.     
Begin by trying and gaining control over your emotions. Don’t let your apprehensions cloud your sense of rationality. Concentrate on letting your sound judgment help you to have positive thoughts regarding your child. The greater your confidence on the fortune you want your child to be bestowed with the greater the chances of them actually coming true. Maintain your personal sense of peace at all times, the more pronounced your sense of peace the less you are likely to worry about your kids. Accept your present and face the future in a courageous manner, all these positive energies will get directed at your thoughts regarding your child and thereby keep you from being unnecessarily anxious about him/her.  

Positive feelings are not easy to grasp onto especially if you are living in a particularly negative environment. In such a case you have very little choice besides changing your surrounding. If your surrounding is negative its negativity will definitely seep into your life and hold you back. This is obviously not a desirable thing.  

Besides being responsible for his/her child’s safety a parent is also in charge of ensuring that the child grows up to be a disciplined individual. For the purpose a parent has to often be strict about a number of things. 

Punishment is important, but so is love. Even when you punish your children severely remember to forgive them and let them feel your love for them