The Law of Attraction And Physics

If you are one of those who think that the law of attraction is all trash, this is to remind you that these are laws of the universe that are based on the concrete foundation of scientific theory.

The Laws of Quantum physics depend upon the observation that the entire universe is composed of energy. From this, we can infer that even thoughts and abstractions are made of energy because the laws of physics have stated that the basic constituent of everything is energy. Since objects are made of energy, so are thoughts. This is the basic principle on which the Law of Attraction operates.  

The Law of Attraction also professes that the energy that is contained in all abstractions are in a continuous state of vibration. The vibrations result in the production of wavelengths of various frequencies. We send these frequencies into the universe. 

We send the frequencies into the vast expanse of the universe. This is, in fact, the basic principle of the Laws of Attraction.

The frequencies that we send into the universe attract the vibrations of their order. The Law of Attraction is used to attract the vibrations that are like the ones you are sending out. This law also works the other way round. If you send negative vibrations into the universe, you will attract the negative vibrations of the universe. 

Laws of Attraction work on this basic principle of attracting similar vibrations. 

If you concentrate on the positive vibrations, they have the power to make your dreams come true. The positive vibrations that you generate will attract other positive vibrations and result in the realization of your dreams. 

Do not think that this is just dreaming for it is far more scientific and powerful than that. 

You can get the lifestyle you desire for just by applying the laws of attraction. If you believe in what you desire and put in the thoughts to work, you can get all that you desire for. The Laws of Attraction have the power to make your dreams come true.    

In order to get the best results from your thoughts and desires, you must be really excited about them. If you constantly think about the great outcome that your desires will generate, it is bound to have some effect in the macrocosm. The better you think about it, the more effective your vibrations will become. The Laws of Attraction will result in great outcome. However, if you are somewhat unsure of your desires, you will be unable to influence the universal energy.      

The Laws of Attraction will bear fruit with the correct amount of excitement generated by you. This is the key to giving shape to all the things that you dream about.
Always keep in mind that negative thoughts in your part will give negative vibes to the vast universe. This is the way that the universe works and the better you understand this, the greater will be the results. 

The Laws of Attraction is a wide sphere that requires a lot of study. In fact, there are many physicists who are studying the Laws of Attraction. They are studying this as a branch of science that aims at studying how the mind can exercise a lot of control on the universe.