The Law of Attraction: Does It Work?

If you are one of the people who are quite worried because the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for them and have simply given up on the practice, don’t lose heart.

The movie “The Secret” is an excellent representation of the law of attraction. However, many often misinterpret the movie. This misinterpretation is basically centered upon the idea that the thoughts are generating reality. 

You must comprehend that it is not the thoughts themselves that make the things happen. It is the energy evolved through these thoughts that make this law work. 

How effective your prayers will be is directly dependent on the amount of energy that you are able to generate by virtue of your thoughts. In fact, the amount of energy that will be generated also depends upon the amount of emotional energy that you invest in the thoughts.   

Another thing that you must remember is that negative thoughts can have an adverse effect on the manifestation of your desires. This happens because the positive thoughts generate positive energy and result in the fulfillment of your desires. Since the amount of energy generated depends upon the amount of positive thoughts, negative thoughts have a negative effect and decrease the energy that is going to give shape to your desires. The negative energy cancels out the effect of the positive. Thus, when you ask for something, always do so with a frame of mind that is positive.   

The more you concentrate upon your desires and think about your wish coming true, the more positive vibrations are sent to the cosmos. Try to keep that positive frame of mind consistently. In fact, if you see that negative thoughts are coming into the sphere of your thoughts then make a conscious attempt to erase them. Have faith in yourself and the universe. Try to evade doubt and you will surely get what you are yearning for. 

Every day, keep some time to meditate on your desires. Select a time when you will not be disturbed by anybody and concentrate on the fulfillment of your desire. For example, if you want a great car, imagine yourself driving the car of your dreams. Put all the forces of your imagination at work and visualize your dream.  

Apart from the time that you spend concentrating on the desire, remember that you must not think about whether you will achieve the goal or not. As we have told you earlier, just by bringing in doubt you can undo the wonderful effects of your concentration. The negative energy has the potential to cancel out everything. So never let doubt seep into your mind. one of the best things is to begin with a desire that is not one of your immediate needs. For example, try to begin with something that will be great if you got it but is not indispensable. This is because you tend to have more doubt about the things you desperately require. If you are in great need of money, you will inevitably think about what will happen if your desires fail. This is the kind of doubt that often undoes the great work. 

Thus, it is good to begin with the smaller desires. Once you are successful in achieving these little things it will give your faith a boost and improve the power of your concentration. This will enable you to focus on the bigger and more difficult things with ease later on. 

Remember that the laws of desire are strange, if you can put in enough positive energy and faith, they can come true immediately. Have the faith and try to put in all the positive vibes you can gather. The results will definitely be great!