The Law of Attraction In An Emergency Situation

In case you are in a dire situation and everything seems to be going wrong, do not lose heart. When everything seems to be going wrong, you have to have the courage to get over all the problems that ensnare you.  

This is a time when the Laws of Attraction can help you out. You have to emit the positive vibrations that will help you get over all the problems. The positive vibrations will help you to help yourself. The thoughts and the feelings that you generate will move the universe and help you out. 

Try to concentrate on your needs. Rehearse certain things. Remember what your needs are. Clearly state them in your mind. Then, try to concentrate on the feelings and imagine how you will feel if you actually attain the great things.   

In the problems that are overcoming you, do not lose heart and forget that you have the power to generate the vibrations. It happens that you lose your heart to such an extent that you are unable to focus on your desires. However, do not get into the dark pits of negativity as that will only make the situation worse.  

Always keep in mind that you have the power to change things. Generating the positive vibrations and shunning the negative is what a dire situation demands.

What do I want  
The general effect that bad times have on an individual is that they get into a terrible state of mind where they keep on thinking about the thing that they do not want. 

Thinking about the worst things does not help at all. Get your act together and shift your concentration from all the terrible things that might happen to all the wonderful things that you want to happen. Although this is a basic step, it is a very crucial one. 

What does that feel like?  
After that, dream of all the great results that will have. How would you feel if all your problems were solved instantly and you got into a real great time? The more you generate such happy thoughts the better your vibrations will be.

Focus on the wonderful feeling and keep on repeating it in your mind. This will generate the vibrations that will enable you to cope with your circumstances and at the same time help you overcome them. This is how you can work out a miracle. So go ahead, and feel all that you want to make happen!

What feels good to do next?  
Feeling takes you one step further to attaining the great things. The next step is to further comprehend what makes you feel better. 

Ask your inner self what makes you really happy. Amidst all your trials and tribulations, try to work out a strong alternate reality that will enable you to overcome the former. Try to get the answer from your heart. It is all a matter of feelings. All the information and all the advice can not really help you. For this answer, you have to look inwards.  

Get ahead of your problem and look at the solution. Do not let the many problems overpower you. Ask your inner being and you will be guided to the world where the problems are mere obstacles that cannot affect you. 

Think about the great things and generate the true positive vibrations. If you are able to create this focus, there is no stopping your dreams from coming true.