The Law of Attraction In Business

Ever had something you really wanted fall miraculously in place? Maybe this job opportunity you desperately wanted? Or a call from the person you had been thinking of for a while? Or even a chance meeting on street with the perfect client or partner? We use various methods to describe these events. Serendipity, coincidence, Fate, karma, the advantages of being in the right place at the right time, call it what you will. All these expressions describe the result of what is generally known as the laws of attraction, commonly known as a New Age theory and the very basis of today’s mantra- “Positive thinking”. According to this you acquire whatever you concentrate your energy, thoughts and feelings on, positive and negative alike. A kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, it acts like a request to the universe at large and conveys what you desire most. It is like a magical mantra which will get you whatever you want, provided that you understand how this law works and utilize it to your advantage.

A very powerful mantra, the law of attraction can also affect your future adversely if you are not careful. The first step would be to be conscious of what you say. 

Translating our thoughts into statements is a powerful action and directly affects our “Fate”. Our statements convey not only our fears and intentions but also the vibes we exude. People often misinterpret understating their hopes/ or even self-worth to be modesty. 

Sometimes it’s even done to mislead the other party but by doing this; you only succeed in alienating your own good fortune. For instance- positive statements like- “I love the way my reputation attracts clients to me” or “I love the way money comes to me effortlessly in expected and unexpected ways”, increases your chances of success in such cases due to the positive energy that you attract. 

Failure too, is a result of such declarative statements. 

The law of attraction also responds to negative declarative statements like- "I take one- step forward and two-steps back”, and gives us more of them. So every time you make a negative statement, check the tendency. Simply rephrase it into something positive and promising that makes you feel better. Try this- ask yourself, “What do I want?” The moment you define what you want, you start experiencing a new mood. You seem more capable and powerful. Life will change for the better and these positive changes will become more frequent and evident. This is because you have set those universal forces in motion which determine your fate, based on your action. Recall the mood or feeling that could have lead to this. Soon you will be able to manifest more positive events and less of the unwanted ones, by using the law of attraction to your benefit. 

People therefore have direct control over reality and their lives through thought alone. The trick is to be proactive.