The Law of Attraction Semantics

What is the use of a life that doesn’t grant you happiness? Living life to the fullest is all about living a happy life, a content life, a life where you are at peace with your own personal truth.  The greater the acceptance of truth on your part, the more the chance for you to experience happiness and thereby attract positive things to yourself.  

Your personal belief and your personal truth are two very different concepts and you’d be best advised to not confuse one with the other. Your beliefs are ideas you have learnt from the variety of experiences you have had in your lifetime. Whereas your personal truth is something that has always existed, even before you learnt to acknowledge it.    

Life is about fulfilling desires. Attracting things we desire brings us immense pleasure and pleasure is the key route to happiness. If you are yet to find happiness you probably know that it will come to you only when you manage to acquire what you desire. There is an incredible power equation between our capacity to attract and our need to be happy, as you will no doubt learn soon, neither is of value without the other.   

If you have fulfilled your desire then you have probably also found your way to happiness. You have probably already realized how incredibly powerful the Law of Attraction is and how it can help you forget all your worries and achieve anything you want from life.   

Before discussing further about this extraordinary potential of the Laws of Attraction let us take a brief look at a few words commonly used in this Rule of Attraction process.   

Man has always been fond of inventing a number of ways of saying the same things. Thus even for a mundane enough situations as using a common salutation he has a variety of words. ‘Hi’, ‘hello’, ‘Wassup’, ‘how are you’ are various forms of the same salutation customarily used when one person meets another, and yet all of them are technically ‘different’ expressions. This variety is not unique to the English language alone almost all languages all over the world have a range of words meaning exactly the same thing.    

Similarly, universal laws too can be expressed in a variety of ways but they will ultimately always mean the exact same thing. Take gravity for instance; all of us have our own way of defining gravity, some of us call it a ‘force’ others refer to it as a ‘downward pull’ but of course we all mean the same thing. The words we choose to express a certain idea is our own and therefore based on our personal choice regarding the structure of a sentence etc. But no matter how we express a certain idea its inherent facts always remain the same.   

Semantics is an extremely important part of the Law of Attraction since it is among one of the most significant socio-spiritual laws in the universe. Like everything else people have a variety of ways of describing all spiritual experiences as well. Much like the Gravitational law the Laws of Attraction too may be described in a variety of ways, but no matter how you choose to describe it it will continue to function in the same manner. We all have different names for God but ultimately the almighty is one and the same. Hence, while dealing with the Laws of Attraction and in almost every other aspect of life you’d be more likely to grasp a certain situation better only if you get past its basic semantic sense. Instead, concentrate on the inner meaning of a certain expression since that and only that will reveal to you what a certain speaker is trying to convey to you. 

Communication lies at the heart of relationships so don’t ignore it.  

Once you brace up to this basic fact ask yourself a few relevant questions. Begin by asking yourself about the exact means by which you are attracting this particular condition or thing. Do you really want to be attracting it? 

What kind of changes will this particular object/situation of desire bring about in your social, spiritual and personal life? What is keeping you from achieving this particular object/situation right at this moment? Are your personal beliefs holding you back? How serious are you about seeing this dream through to its completion level?  

Are you approaching the present situation from a positive angle? How far are you willing to go to satisfy your want? What do you expect out of your desire? 

What will keep you motivated enough to persevere and ultimately achieve it? Answering all these questions honestly lies at the heart of fulfilling your desires in the manner you want.